How to make Sora’s Halloween mask!


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What you’ll need:

Water, flour and mixing bowl (for paste)
Paint (red, yellow, black, white and green)


Bowl for holding balloon in place
Black marker for fine details
Fine grit sandpaper to sand away edges


First cut the paper into small strips.

Blow up the balloon. Larger is usually better.

(Note that you only have to cover the top with paper mache!)

Mix water and flour in a bowl to create the paste.

Dip the paper into the paste and spread it smoothly over the balloon.

You’ll want to continue layer on top of layer until you have about 4 or 5 layers. (You’ll want about 6 or 7 if using sandpaper later!)

After you have finished adding all the layers, let it dry. It usually takes a day to dry out completely.

Once dry, you can pop the balloon and use your pencil to outline the shape of the mask.

Use your scissors to cut along the line you drew.

Optional: you can use fine grit sandpaper to gently sand the edges of the paper to give your mask a smooth and more professional look.

Now it’s time to paint!

Mix together yellow and red paint to get the color of orange you want, then cover the whole surface of the mask.

(You may want to paint the front and back separately so each side has time to dry. Otherwise the paint could warp the mask’s shape!)

Again, take the yellow and red paint and mix them together, this time to make a lighter orange color.

Paint it on the front, not quite to the edges of the mask. Let it dry.

Take your pencil and outline the stitches, mouth and eyes.

(It’s a good idea to draw lightly so you can erase it if needed!)

Now just paint in the face!

(If you don’t have a paintbrush that’s good for fine details, you can use a marker to draw on the stiches and outline of the eyes and mouth!)

After the paint has dried, your mask is finished!

Now all that’s left is drilling (or carving) a hole on each side so you can attach some string and wear your new creation!