How to make elf ears


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What you’ll need:

Foam sheet
Hot glue gun

Recommended for coloring:

Paint in desired skin color
Colored pencils

Once you’ve got everything, you’ll need to decide what kind of elf ear you want to make.

Here are the elf ear patterns from the image above that you can print and use. Just remember not to cut the red lines!
Printable patterns:


Start by taking scissors and carefully cutting your ears out of the foam, using your pattern as a guideline.

Fold each ear in half. Keep in mind to fold the ears opposite of each other to make a right ear and a left.
The side of each ear that has the inward curve (shown in the picture below) will serve as the back of the ear.

Line the outer edge with hot glue.
(Be careful not to go all the way down! You’ll want to leave an opening for your ear to fit into.)

After adding glue just fold it over!

Now it is ready for painting. Just find the color you need, add any details you want and your ear is done!
Here’s our finished ear:

We didn’t try to hide the seam, but if you want to just take some hair and lay it over the top. If hair for hiding it isn’t an option, use spirit gum along the edge and press it against your skin until dry.