How to make Aerith’s Bangles


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This tutorial is based off of her Advent Children appearance, thus a silver color is used rather than gold.

What you’ll need:
Tacky glue
1/8” foam sheet
1/4” foam sheet
Foil paper

Cut rectangles out of the 1/8” thick foam with the following measurements:

Ring 1:
8 1/4 inches long
(21 centimeters)
and 1 1/2 inch wide
(4 centimeters)

Ring 2:
9” long
(23 cm)
and 1 1/2” wide
(4 cm)

Ring 3:
9 7/8” long
(25 cm)
and 1 1/4” wide
(3 cm)

Use your ruler and pencil to mark where you’ll be cutting on the foam sheet then cut the pieces out.

Next, cut out foil rectangles using the following measurements:

Ring 1 (which wraps around the first foam ring you cut)
9” long (23 cm)
and 1” wide (2 ½ cm)

Ring 2:
9 7/8″ long
(25 cm)
1″ wide
(2 ½ cm)

Ring 3:
11” long
(28 cm)
1 3/8” wide
(3 1/2 cm)

Take the first foam rectangle and foil rectangle you cut out and fold the foam into a circle, gluing the ends together.

Wrap the foil around the foam ring. The foil should have just a bit of overlap.
It should cover one side of the foam. (Do not glue the foil down the middle of the foam, pick a side!)
Hold it in place until the glue dries a bit.

Add glue around the foam edge on your ring, then take the second foam rectangle you cut out and wrap it around, covering about two thirds of the first bangle ring.

Add glue to the back of your second foil rectangle and wrap it around the foam bangle.

Take your final foam ring and glue it around the second, covering about half of it.
Finally, add glue to the back of your last foil rectangle and glue it around the third ring.

Now it’s time to add spacers! These help hold it in place on your arm.
Cut however many small squares or rectangles from the 1/4” foam sheet you think you may need, then glue them inside the smallest band of your bangle.

Now your bangles are basically done! For a final touch you can cut a thin piece of foil to line the inside of the third ring.