How to make a Phantasy Star Online Section ID


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This is one technique you can use to make a section ID with easy to find materials, but you might also like trying craft foam and paint, or fabrics and iron-on adhesive. Be creative, and have fun!

What you’ll need:

A party plate in desired color (you can use paper or plastic, both work fine)
A round object to trace around, such as a cup.
Black marker


Hole punch


Begin by making the outer circle. Take your round object and place it on the plate, tracing around it with your black marker.

Once the outer circle is drawn, take your marker and make another circle inside of it.

Outline your section ID, filling in the necessary areas with your marker.

When you’ve finished drawing your Section ID take your scissors and cut it out.

Now, you have options as far a attaching it to and outfit goes. Here’s something you can try if you’d like to sew it. Just make sure it’s against something black!

Take a hole puncher and punch holes inside the black areas. Make sure your holes don’t connect.

For IDs like Redria 6 holes work but for something like Yellowboze, 8 is better.

Finished! Now you can sew your ID on to whatever you’d like.
Wear your creation proudly, Hunter!